Two Pounds of Junk Mail to Beam Away, Scotty!

24 Dec
Beam that Mail Aboard, Scotty

Beam that Mail Aboard, Scotty

I still have a lot of pictures to share; just not a lot of time to do so. However, I recently received a picture from a dear friend, the second one she’s sent me, and I would like to share it with you. One of my favorite types of mailbox, as should be evident from those I’ve already shared, is the whimsical one. The mailbox where someone has taken some time to think out a design concept and used some level of artistic talent and craftsmanship to execute their design.

This one is particularly cool, as it is not only rather intricate, but it is well executed. Although this picture was taken during daylight hours, I believe the presence of what appear to be a small solar panel and a light in the center of the main superstructure indicate it lights up at night. I imagine it would be a bit confusing to anyone driving down their street who was unaware of this mailbox’s presence. For the owner, perhaps it serves as a homing beacon when returning from an evening of drunken revelry. Then again, maybe that says more about me than the owner.

One thing I note that makes it a bit different than some of the other whimsical mailboxes I’ve shared is that the Starship is not the mailbox itself; that appears to be the duty of the black, regulation mailbox it sits atop. Of course, this clearly obviates any possible conflict with postal regulations and in no way detracts from the beauty and cleverness of the design.

What would make this particular mailbox super special is if it had the capability of beaming all the junk mail it no doubt collects to a recycling center. Now that would be something almost everyone would pay to have, provided it was reasonably inexpensive. Perhaps a deal to amortize it for a decade, with the proceeds from recycling being applied toward the payments. Shhh! Don’t tell the junk mailers.


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2 responses to “Two Pounds of Junk Mail to Beam Away, Scotty!

  1. Rick Ladd

    March 10, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Reblogged this on Systems Savvy and commented:

    OK – So I’m not beyond using one of my blogs to build readership in another. The reality is, I have a boatload of pictures I’ve taken of interesting suburban, curbside mailboxes and I’ve been slowly posting them on my other blog. This particular post is of a mailbox a good friend sent me and I though perhaps to share it on this blog, Systems Savvy. My intent for Systems Savvy, truth to tell, is to present what I have to offer in its entirety, which means (ultimately) my views on social business, knowledge management, systems thinking, atheism and religion, politics, food, small business, marketing, and all the other subjects my feverish and eclectic brain concerns itself with. So I guess it isn’t a stretch to occasionally reblog a post from my mailbox collection over here . . . or is it? You tell me.



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