I See Accordions and Hear “Cheese”

26 May
Lights, Camera, Action

OK - Everyone say "Cheese"!

One of the most impressive things about many of these mailboxes, is the whimsy many people bring to their designs. This is not a matter of just adding a decoration, which some people do incorporate into their designs. I’m talking more about the mailboxes where a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the box, especially those that clearly mean something to the homeowner.

This one tells us something (I think) about one or more of the people who receive mail at this address. I believe it’s safe to say photography fits neatly into at least one persons life here.

I really liked this one when I saw it and, contrary to what I normally do (which is shoot pictures from my vehicle), I got out and actually took some time relishing the thought and craftsmanship that went into creating this particular receptacle. Note the use of stone for the supporting structure as well. Of course, a solid metal tripod would have been extra cool, eh?

My only criticism is I wish the light fixture had been made to look either like a flashbulb with a reflector, or one of those flammable powder trays they used to use to create a flash when the picture was taken.

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